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Software Engineering II, WS1314

Hallo zusammen, als vorzeitiges Nikolausgeschenk oder weil wir es noch nicht geschafft haben die Musterlösung online zu stellen, geben wir euch eine Woche länger Zeit für die Abgabe. (1.12. -> 8.12)


Zusätzlich habe ich mal die Ecore Klassenübersicht für euch ergoogelt:




Projects, WS1213

Thank you for your submission “TySON – Truck Spot Occupancy Navigator (Report)” to SCORE 2013.

We are happy to inform you that your student project was accepted for
presentation at ICSE 2013 in San Francisco!

The program committee found your project well aligned with the call for papers
and the requirements stated for SCORE projects. Congratulations!

We received a record number of 33 submissions, which the program committee
evaluated and discussed. Each submission went through a thorough review process.
Overall, only three out of 33 submissions were accepted (9% acceptance rate).