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Microservices, WS1920

Beim Aufruf von war in der Vorlesung ein JSON.stringify zuviel

patch model-service.ts Zeile 77`${ModelService.WAREHOUSE_}${ModelService.PALETTE_DATA}-${id}`, event);

patch model-service.ts Zeile 95`${ModelService.WAREHOUSE_}${ModelService.USER_DATA}-${id}`, event);

und “>=” war falsch, es muss immer “>” heißen 🙁 im Frontend und im Backend bei palette_data() und user_data

if ( > date) {

Microservices, WS1920


Part 1

Part 2

Sorry some parts of the video are missing.

You need to setup your project structure:

  1. at some place create a project directory e.g. with name “MicroserviceProject”
  2. within MicroserviceProject create subdirectories “Shop” and “Warehouse”
  3. Start WebStorm and open Warehouse as project.
  4. Open a Terminal (Button at the botton left of WebStrom:
  5. Within the terminal run command:
    npm install g @angular/cli
  6. Within the terminal run command:
    ng new WarehouseFrontend
    answer the questions:
    ? Would you like to add Angular routing? Yes
    ? Which stylesheet format would you like to use? SCSS  (Arrow Key Down)
  7. Open the new WarehouseFrontend directory as project in your WebStorm
  8. Open a Terminal
  9. Within the terminal run command:
    ng serve -o
    your browser should open with a default angular page for your web application
  10. Follow the second video