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SS21, Web Engineering
  • use the repository from last assignment
  • start from the branch assignment3


  • switch to branch assignment4


  • create user and session as shown in the lecture
  • user should be able to register, login, logout, change their details and delete their accounts ( all posts and their comments )
  • post and comments are linked to the creating user user
  • when deleting a post also delete the comments
  • post and comments can only be created by logged-in users
  • but everybody can browse the posts and comments
  • only show buttons like login, logout, create post … according to the login-state
  • commit and push to branch  assignment4
  • create a pull request (name: Assignment4) to the main/master branch

Deadline for this assignment is Friday 14.5.2021 23:59

SS21, Web Engineering
  • create a github repository:
  • choose a name for your social network
  • create an new rails project
  • commit an push your generated project to the master/main branch
  • switch to branch assignment3
  • add bootstrap, simple_form and slim
  • create and implement a post and comment model
  • implement all CRUD actions in view and controller
  • commit and push to branch  assignment3
  • create a pull request (name: Assignment 3) to the main/master branch
SS21, Web Engineering



SS21, Web Engineering

Hey folks,

this week we start by creating your first ruby program. Please complete the following steps:

  1. Install Ruby
  2. Install rvm
  3. Create and clone your github repository
  4. Create and switch to branch assignment1
  5. Complete the coding tasks as mentioned in the lecture
  6. Push your code to github
  7. Create a pullrequest to the main/master branch

The deadline for this assignment is 23.04.2021 23:59 GMT+2