Visual Debugger

  • HowTo Install
  • At first, you need an installed version (at least 1.6.2) of UML Lab. If you don’t have it already, download the current version from here:
  • UML Lab Download
  • Simply install the downloaded file and start UML Lab.
    If you are from a public research or education institution, the UML Lab Academic Program could be interesting for you:
  • UML Lab Academic Program
  • Use the Install Software feature to install the Visual Debugger:
    1. Help > Install New Software…
    2. Copy & Paste into the “Work with” field.
    3. Select the “Visual Debugger” Feature
    4. Next > Next > Accept license agreement >Finish
    5. Restart Eclipse

  • Visual Debugger - Install New Software Dialog

  • There is a help section included, that gives you a short tour and explains the most important features. You find it in the Help of your running Eclipse (Press F1 or select Help > Help Content).