Data analytics is getting more and more important in all businesses. If you want to have brilliant results of high quality, then you need data analyst experts. Such an analyst must be an expert at the data domain and at the technical domain at the same time. And this is hard to find. The MDBDA Tool Suite will help you to close the gap.

  • Graphical
    The Tool Suite allows you to draw your data analytics instead of writing them programmatically. As the proverb says, a picture is worth a thousand words, MDBDA increases the learning curve dramatically and improves the documentation.
  • Model-driven
    The model-driven approach separates the analytics logic from the technical big data platform. This allows you to change platform components later, without rewriting your analytics.
  • Open Source
    The MDBDA Tool Suite is released under the Apache Licence 2.0.
    You can download it under: