Homework #11

Compiler Construction, WS0910

This homework continues the Xtext exercise from homework #10. This time, you have to generate Java code from EngineeringC code. Add this example model to your EngineeringC project:

EngineeringCDiagram diag {
  ECBlockDecl test {
    ECStore x {
      value : "0"

    ECStore y {
      value : "7"

    ECComputeBlock comp1 {
      expression : "x = 6 * y"

  ECBlockDecl callTest {
    ECStore z {
      value : "0"

    ECBlockAppl callTest {
      instanceof : test

    ECComputeBlock comp2 {
      expression : "z = x + 42"

(Remember to first modify your grammar before creating a code generation template!)

The generated Java code should calculate the correct result for all ECComputeBlocks. To ensure this, create a JUnit test in the same package as the generated class. Call the generated methods from the test and ensure that the expected values are computed. To make cross-block variable access possible, you have to modify the Xpand template so that these variables are accessible from the generated methods.

Xtext Workflow from the lecture:

  <property file="workflow.properties"/>
  <component	class="org.eclipse.xtext.MweReader" uri="${modelFile}">
    <register class="de.unikassel.se.compilerbau.ECStandaloneSetup"/>

  <component id="generator" class="org.eclipse.xpand2.Generator">
    <metaModel id="mm" class="org.eclipse.xtend.typesystem.emf.EmfMetaModel">
      <metaModelPackage value="de.unikassel.se.compilerbau.eC.ECPackage"/>
    <expand value="GenerateEC::Root FOR model"/>
    <outlet path="${srcGenPath}/">
      <postprocessor class="org.eclipse.xpand2.output.JavaBeautifier"/>

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