PM WS12/13 SDMLib update / installation

Programming Methodologies, WS1213

We have fixed the problem with SDMLib and “empty” objects. Please install the most recent version of SDMLib.

As we fear, that there are more bug fixes to be installed in the next weeks, we ask you to connect to the subversion repository of SDMLib:

1. Install the Subversive plugin for eclipse as described in:

2. After restart of Eclipse, use menu Window -> Show View -> Other and in the upcomming wizzard, then find and open the SVN subtree and select SVN Repositories and press OK. This adds a new view to your eclipse editor.

3. In the new SVN Repository View Right Click -> New -> Repository location to open the New Repository Location wizzard

4. In the New Repository Location wizzard in the General tab in the URL: text field enter / copy svn:// and press finish. This gives you anonymous access to the SDMLib repository.

5. In the SVN Repository view you should now have a svn:// repository tree entry. Use the small triangle in front of the repository tree entry to open it. This connects to the SDMLib repository and reads the repository structure. It should bring a subtree called trunk. Open the trunk subtree. This retrieves a subtree entry called Right Click -> Check Out the enty. This starts the download of SDMLib. It might ask you whether it is allowed to overwrite the existing SDMLib project. Yes it is. It opens a progress bar. Might take a while. That is it.

In future (on each start of eclipse or each day or when the next bug fix is announced:

1: Right Click on the SDMLib project entry in the Project Explorer -> Team -> Update and you get the new version.