Assignment 6

SS21, Web Engineering
  • please fill in this form:
  • use the repository from last assignment
  • start from the branch assignment5
  • switch to branch assignment6
  • add Delayed::Jobs for:
    • sending the verification mail after creating an account
    • send a reminder mail for the verification after 5 minutes if the verification is pending
    • delete the account after 1 hour if it isn’t verified
  • On the posts show page, regulary (5 sec.) check whether there are new comments available, and if so show a box saying “New comment by <name>”.
  • (optional) automatically load that one comment (render partial in the controller) and add it to the comments list.
  • commit and push to branch  assignment6
  • create a pull request (name: Assignment6) to the main/master branch

Deadline for this assignment is Friday 4.6.2021 23:59