Microservices, WS2122

Lectures are each Monday from 12:00 CEST to about 14:00.
First lecture Monday October 25th, 2021
Project presentations are each Thursday from 12:00 to 13:00 in our Discord.

Please register here in order to give us your name, email, and github account.

The lecture is online-only. Please use the following Zoom link.

You get access to the google presentation slides here.

As discussion platform we use Discord. This invite link is active for the first week of the lecture.
You have to install quite some software and prepare several accounts for major online services.

All your code is going into a mono repo in in our github classroom.
To get your github project open

Once a week you show your progress online to our teaching assistants. Probably in Discord. Time will be announced, soon.

All lectures can be rewatched on our Youtube channel.