Programmiermethodik Übung 3: Textuelle Szenarien

Programming Methodologies, SS10


Scenario I: Beginning

The  players Kadir and  Bernd meet for starting a mau mau game. The game is  played with a  regular deck of playing cards .

Values:  7, 8, 9, 10,  jack, queen, king and ace
Colors:  Clubs, Spades,  Hearts, Diamonds

They merge the deck and   put it face down as the drawing stack on the table. Each player takes a   hand of five cards from the deck.
Kadirs   hand contains: Spades 9, Spades Queen, Club 7, Hearts jack, Diamonds   ace Bernds hand contains:   Clubs ace, Spades 10, Spades jack, Hearts 10 , Diamonds 7
At the beginning of the   game the topmost card is revealed as the playing stack. It is a Spades   7.Bernd starts the game. He   puts his Spades Queen onto the Spades 7.
Bernds   turn ends and

Scenario II: Simon plays a seven

The game starts with three Players: Christiansen, Parsa and Simon.Each  player gets 5 cards. Christiansen has the following cards: Ace of Spades, 8 of Diamonds, Ace of Hearts, king of Hearts, Jack of clubs. Parsa has the following cards: 9 of Hearts, 8 of hearts, Queen of clubs, 10 of spades, jack of hearts. And finally Simon has: 7 of Diamonds, 9 of Diamonds, Ace of Diamonds, King of Spades and Ace of Clubs.

Next one is Simon. He has to play a  card, which is a heart or a nine one.
Simon plays a  heart seven.
Now its Christiansens turn. He puts a Pik seven from his hand on  the batch. Now Parsa
has to draw 4 cards. Because I know,  that he hasn’t got any sevens any more on
his hand. He has to draw a card with a seven.
It’s Parsa’s turn now. He pick up 4  cards. Now he puts one card on the batch. It’s the  9 pik.
Simon  has got 4 cards left on  his hand. He can’t throw a  card so he has to pick a card from the non used batch. Simon gets a pik jack. For the next turn he wishes to have a caro one.


Scenario I: “Players in jail don’t get paid any rents”

Three  players, Anna, Becs and Tom.
Anna has a  credit of 600€, Becs got a credit of 1000€, Tom got a credit of 50€
Anna  owns “Schloßallee”, “Parkstraße” and “Hauptbahnhof”, Becs owns  “Lessingstraße”, “Schillerstraße” and “Wasserwerk”, Tom got no  properties.
Becs position is the start, Anna is in  jail and Toms position is “Bahnhofstraße”.
It is Toms  turn.
Tom  rolls a 2 and a 3, thus has to move forward to “Schloßstraße”, but is  neither able to buy the object nor does he have to pay rent since Anna  is in jail.
Three  players, Anna, Becs and Tom.
Anna has a  credit of 600€, Becs got a  credit of 1000€, Tom got a credit of 50€
Anna  owns “Schloßallee”, “Parkstraße”  and “Hauptbahnhof”, Becs owns  “Lessingstraße”, “Schillerstraße” and  “Wasserwerk”, Tom got no  properties.
Becs  position is the start, Anna is  in jail and Toms position is “Schloßallee”.
It is Annas  turn.

Scenario II: Buy a street

Its Marry’s turn and she has 1200  €. Kate has 800 €. Marry rolls the dices, and comes to the Poststrasse. She buys this  street for 160 €. Now she has 1040 € left. This is her fist street out  of the blue streets, because of that she cant buy any houses. Now is  Kate’s turn.