About individual- and teamtime

Software Engineering I, SS12

About individual- and team time

  • 50% individual- and 50% team effort, where
    • The individual effort is
      • 25% team commitment
      • 15% role (perception of the role you had in the scrum process during the release)
      • 10% individual time
    • The team effort is
      • 40% assessment of the releases (4 releases, each 10%)
      • 10% team time

What is individual and team time? What is important for the presentation and how do we assess the preception of your different roles? Here are the answers:

  • Individual and team time
    • At least one hour of each individual and team time to get a 4.0.
    • Two hours of each individual and team time to get a 1.0.
    • At the end of each weekly meeting you will get an assessment in the range (-2,…,+2) which will be summarized at the end of SE1 and build your individual/team grade.
    • Individual time
      • Starts counting if at least two team members start working on the project (two because we want to boost pair programming) in the SE lab.
      • Team commitment means your behavior within the team i.e. if you were available only physically or if you do your best to push your team forward.
    • Team time
      • Starts counting if at least 75% of the team comes together in the SE lab and start working on the project.
      • Team time also counts into individual time!
  • Roles
    • Dependent on the role you had within a release, we will asses as follows
      • Scrum Master
        • “The scrum master has to ensure that the team has everything it needs to get the work done.”
        • Writes (together with the PO)  the release documenation
        • Contacts the SE experts and arranges the weekly meetings
        • We will asses how you did this job!
      • Product owner
        • Maintains the Agilo instance and writes “User Stories”.
        • Writes (together with the SM)  the release documenation
        • Prioritizes the tasks in the product backlog
        • We will asses how you did this job by having a look at your agilo.
      • Developer
        • We will have a look at the Agilo burndown charts to get a picture what you did